Business Line of Credit

All businesses need access to credit along the way in order to smooth out cash flow and purchase supplies, inventory, and equipment. But, getting approved for a business line of credit at the bank is practically impossible these days for the smallest of businesses- even those with decent credit. Using business credit cards can also be a challenge given that they are not afforded the same protections that consumer credit cards have. Rates can change suddenly and available credit can be cut, often without explanation.

At Sure Business Funding we offer an alternative to the standard business line of credit. Our short-term unsecured financing programs are designed to get you the funds you need quickly and efficiently. There are no long applications and no need for detailed financial reports.

Other benefits of our programs include:

So apply today and get the financing you need. Receive an answer with 24 to 48hrs that fits the needs of your business needs, and funded in 3-5 business days!

Call our experts toll free at 1-800-450-0504 or click here to apply for a business line of credit online.