Retail Store Business

Business loans for retail stores are hard to come by these days. If your retail store is in need of financing to cover a cash short-fall, purchase equipment, supplies, or inventory, or invest in growth, getting a business loan from the bank will be virtually impossible. Even if you can pass a bank's strict standards for credit, revenue, time in business, and collateral, you may still be surprisingly rejected. The fact is most traditional lenders are just not interested in funding businesses in this industry.

But, if you own a store there are financing alternatives. But there is an alternative! At Sure Business Funding, our simple application process avoids those unattainable requirements and standards so you can get the financing your store needs quickly and easily. Since our financing is based off of future revenue, you can still be funded even with bad credit and no collateral. Plus, our flexible payment plans follow the natural ebb and flow of your sales volume and thus helps to preserve your cash flow.

Once you receive your funds you can use them as you wish.

Apply today and within 24 to 48hrs you will receive a tailored financing proposal for your business. Have the funds in your account within 3-5 business days! It’s that simple!

Call our experts toll free at 1-800-450-0504 or click here for retail store business financing online..